Bev Meldrum (Founder/Director: Grow Recruitment Services) reviewed Angelo Graham — 5 star

“I really appreciate Angelo’s approach to financial advice. He is driven by improving his client’s lives and situations. Despite previous unwise decisions on my part, he never came across as judgmental and treats everyone with respect. He takes the time to completely understand the ins and outs of mine and my family’s situation. I am so glad I found him. The future is looking up!”

Julian Coetzee: Business Development Manager at SeeClear Consulting (Pty) Ltd

“I had the privilege of getting to know Angelo about a year ago while completing a training course. A great man with a success drive you see in few people. I can honestly say that he is one of those men who leave an impression that lasts a lifetime.”

Mfundo Radebe

“I have worked and studied with Angelo. He has great attention to detail and has a real passion for the financial services industry. I have seen his innovative and creative approach to our industry and his willingness to learn and share. I recommend him in terms of his service offering.”

Schalk Kruger CFP®: Property Investment Strategist at IGrow Wealth Investments

“Angelo has been working in my team and I can honestly say that he will go all the way for his clients. He is extremely hard working and always keeps on pushing that extra mile. He is a great member to have in my team.”

Sharon Dada: Internal Account Manager Vodafone Global Enterprise

Good day Angelo,

I have known you for a long time.

But a year ago you re introduced Angelo Graham to me with a different eye and look at me and my financials.  Through your guidance and patience  it has opened my mind to understanding me Sharon Dada and this is how my journey began.

A lot what I am doing now i.e. Risk cover and my pension are for my kids in the event something happens to me.

But now I see money and deal with money differently.  I want to save and invest but also have money available when I need as I am alive now and want to live with my money which I have worked I am working for right here and right now, and not touching what my kids would get in the event I pass on.

I have adopted this attitude and I have to go to meetings listen to financial  presentations and form my own opinion and discuss with my Financial Advisor Angelo Graham.

Do you and I will do me (about investments)

Thanking you in advance.


Sharon Dada