#Project1000: Supporting 1000 Entrepreneurs to be Exceptional

Angelo Graham & Grow Recruitment have partnered to offer something amazing to all entrepreneurs: #Project1000.

The why:

• Others have helped us get where we are.

• We want to share what we have learnt.

• We can achieve more together (the power of the collective).

• We each have access to different networks, markets & skills.

• Bringing like minded individuals together in a working space

will create a network but also an idea space.


• Sat 4th Aug – Financial Focus

• Sat 18th Aug – HR, Recruitment

• Sat 15th Sep – Legal Focus

• Sat 13th Oct – Access to Markets

• Sat 3rd Nov – Marketing, Branding & Strategy

• Sat 17th Nov – Business Innovation


• Angelo Graham – Financial Advisor

• Bev Meldrum – Marketing & Design

• Alfred Botha – HR & Recruitment

• Thabo Skotoyi – Facilitator

• Graham Prinsloo – Law Firm

• Brad Sitzer – Innovation Specialist

The first successful introductory session was held on Saturday 14 July 2018 at the Harare Library in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

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